Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Winter Fantasy

It's snowing again, great fluffy white flakes, soft as goose down.  Sitting by the fire with a hot apple cider I am almost drowsing in the warmth, my mind drifting to warm climates and exotic locations. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just transport ourselves somewhere romantic for an afternoon walk, or dinner with friends at a long table surrounded by white candles, on a wide paved terrace, with the heady smell of vanilla orchids or nicotania wafting towards us from the moonlit garden?

How about an evening at The Peacock Pavillions in Marakesh

It seems the owners have even produced a lovely book for us to peruse as we sit on the terrace with our cocktails and enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Perhaps you'd rather go for a walk along the cobbled streets of San Miguel d'Allende. 

After visiting the market to buy fresh fruit, bread and soft cheese, we could gather on this rooftop for a picnic.

Maybe what we need is a dip in the sea, or a dip in the pool over looking the sea.  The Riu Hotel on the Cape Verde Island off the coast of Africa has just the ambience we're looking for.  Imagine a few hours here, swimming, watching the waves roll in.  After a stroll on the beach we can settle here by the pool with tall glasses of fresh mango juice and a plate of spicy chicken canapes.
Feeling a little more energetic? A visit to the Costa Rica Toucan Rescue Ranch is just the thing.  Imagine being able to visit with the rescued toucans and admire their amazing plumage up close? 

Hard to believe those beaks don't tip the birds right over.  Just now the folks at the ranch are caring for this gorgeous owl who was hit by a truck.

 Cuddly companions abound including baby sloths.  Is there anything sweeter?\

Cuddling with sloths reminds me how warm and drowsy I am.  It's time to retire to the sofa with a knitted afghan and dream on.

P.S.  Three new cookie recipes at the Chocolate Gazette.  My favourite cookie of the moment is the white chocolate cookie.

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