Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Cold Moon of January: Tonight's Full Moon

It's the weekend again.  Time seems to be zipping by and I couldn't be happier, January is not my favourite month, but I have been putting the time indoors to good use. My house is sparkling clean. If you knew how messy I can be when I'm working and doing research you'd understand why this is worth mentioning.

The kitchen and bathroom are sparkling, the rooms are tidy, the laundry's done and even the beds are made, ready for a long winter' nap.  I'm thrilled.  This means I can spend some time this weekend just reading. No housewife guilt for me!

I finished my sterling silver wire bracelet and as a prototype I'm pleased with it.  I used clear glass beads that give just a hint of sparkle when the light hits them.  Now I've mastered the knitting technique (you need sturdy very sturdy metal needles for this job) I want to try doing one with fresh water pearls.  I haven't decided on a colour yet, but I am leaning towards something pale. White pearls just seem to say "bride" to me, and I'd like something a little more colourful.

Here's the prototype.


I also finished four fabric brooches, added bits of old lace and sewed the brooch pins to them.  They were fun and easy and could be used to decorate gifts (an extra treat for the recipient).  I showed them to a friend and she gave me a basket of fabric yo-yos she had made and suggested I use some of them in brooches.  So now I'm trying to find suitable fabrics to go with them from my stash.

Here are the completed brooches so far.

Hardly fine art, or even fine haberdashery, but fun and colourful for a drab season.

I've added a few new recipes to The Chocolate Gazette, double chocolate muffins, double chocolate cookies, chocolate marble loaf cake and chocolate chip pancakes.The cookies were a big hit for teatime yesterday afternoon.

Tonight is the full moon, the Cold Moon of January (in the northern hemisphere). Some believe the moon goddess watches over us during these dark days of the year.  An offering of sandalwood incense and a white candle welcome her presence.

Cold as ice, the night you own,
Shine your light for all who roam
these darkest hours a path alone,
May you lead them safely home.

Look for the full moon after 11:30 Eastern Time.

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