Friday, 16 November 2012

Just a little honey....

Spent some time bottling honey today.  If you can't read the label is says "Beewitchingly Good Wildflower Honey".  I filled about 60 small jars, washed and labelled them. Enough for Christmas gifts and good eating for awhile.

Remember when honey used to come in little tin pails?

These are four honeypots, the top left is from Portugal, top right is English, lower left is English and lower right is American. Once upon a time there a pot of honey on every breakfast table. Now these are considered collectibles.

I have a set of Bee tea towels too.  Bee Tasty, Bee Careful, Bee Clean and so on.

 So far very much a farm day.  Loaded hay and straw into the barn for winter storage. Mucked out the goat house and put fresh straw down and gave them 1/2 a bale of hay to eat.  Cleaned out the chicken coop and gave them fresh straw too. Then check on the bees and came in to bottle honey and make one of Dad's favourites for lunch: homemade macaroni with tomato salad.

Three loads of laundry done, downstairs vacuumed, kitchen floor cleaned and dishes done and now I'm tired. I think all women need housekeeping help, and not enough of us get that help. Should be working on my website writing content but think I deserve a break, so I'm going to snuggle up and read for an hour or two and do a little writing this evening instead.

My web hosting company has messed up my website, it isn't showing up, just a blank white screen. Sigh! There indicated an error in my files and said they would email when they had rolled things back, but so far nothing. Emailed again describing the problem and hoping it will be fixed shortly, but makes life v. frustrating

Too tired to care just now, so going to crack a book and read a bit. Thank God Its Friday!  Putting my worries on hold until Monday.  Hope you can too!

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