Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Okay....two steps back

Beach near Olhas de Agua Portugal
Starting my post with pictures taken on our last trip to Portugal to lift my spirits. Warm still, way above normal temperatures here, which we are all enjoying, but nothing like the Algarve's 300 days of sunshine annually.

View from our flat in Olhas de Agua Feb 2011
Beach at Albufiera 8:00 a.m.
Needed a bit of cheering up as I had to 'rollback' my installation of Wordpress at the server level. Rollback translates to dumping everything you've done back to a point before the errors occurred. So I have lost several days work.  Yes I have most of the text on my computer but not all of it. Also have lost all the work I did turning pages into posts, and CSS updates. Sigh.

The good news is that there are new updates not only for Wordpress but my particular theme as well, and some of the new functions are exactly what I was looking for. Yay.

Refuse to be depressed by lost work. Instead feel that it is part of the learning curve and that I will continue to get better and better at this.

Roman ruins at Vilamoura Portugal

 I began to lose my hearing about 8 or 10 years ago. After visiting a number of specialists it was determined that German measles from my childhood had caused nerve damage. As I began to age the nerve damage became more obvious and the hearing loss progressed.  I can still hear, with the aid of two hearing aids, but I'm not supposed to use headphones, or listen to loud sounds (no jackhammers for me) and I now use a $500.00 telephone to make phone calls easier.  The short story is that I can no longer work at jobs I used to, almost all of which involved using headphones and a telephone. I was fired (let go - don't you love that expression) from two jobs in the last few years when my bosses realised I had hearing issues. My work wasn't affected, but they felt 'it might be'. Yes, I could try to sue but hardly worth it, who wants to work where they're not wanted?

Simple beaded necklace made Feb 2012
So for now I sell my beadwork and knitting.  But if I want to support myself properly I need a regular income. So I am learning Wordpress and building websites about things I love: chocolate, herbs, honey (I am a beekeeper) and with luck they will find an audience and I will be able to place adverts on the webpages for books and other things people might find useful. If it works I have a living.  If not: well, back to the drawing board.
Shawl knit and sold last year

So, back to Wordpress. Time to begin rewriting the lost content and reformatting the lost posts.  But before that a walk with the dogs. Did you know even a 15 minute walk can increase your sense of well being for up to 2 hours? 
Nico and Lucy ready to go
Any dream worth having is worth working for! 

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