Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wending towards winter....

I've been having problems with a website I've been building, so I've been doing nothing but restoring databases and other boring technical stuff for days.

muddy creek
 The only bright spot has been walking the dogs every day. The weather is still fine, although the forecast says the last of the lovely days will be tomorrow and then temperatures plunge down to normal, maybe around 4C or so.  So the dogs and I are making the most of things. I've been walking in the woods, the dogs have been chasing rabbits (they never catch them) and running in the creek getting muddy.
into the woods

Dad and I filled the wood box today and cleaned  the ashes out of the wood stove. We're ready for the cold weather.  We have two 1930s chairs, so comfy, high backed and angled just right for leaning back. We've put them in front of the wood stove and put two big sheepskins on the backs. Perfect for fire watching, reading and snoozing in the afternoon.  Nothing better than being by the fire with a warm drink (mulled apple cider anyone?) on a cold afternoon.

I've harvested a bunch of leeks and onions and planted out garlic bulbs which will soon freeze and then start putting down roots in early spring.  Otherwise the garden is mostly asleep.  Winter gives me more time for knitting, art, reading and writing, so I try not to grouse too much about the weather.  Although my favourite winter sport is still climbing on a plane headed south.

Lunch was late, problems with getting the car back from the garage. I seem to have a curse concerning car mechanics, they are never ready when I arrive and are always a day late returning the car. Sigh.  However, after two trips to the garage I got the car back and made some onion soup and an endive salad.  Dad loves rice pudding (it's a childhood thing), so I made some of that as well. 

 Then, fed up with the computer I lay on the sofa and read all afternoon and managed to finish The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.  An interesting read. The book discusses ways to work for yourself, starting with a little money, a big idea and whatever natural skills you possess. I found it was slanted towards internet business models, although many of the folks he interviewed worked at regular jobs: a horse farm, a knitting shop, a wedding consultant, artists, a coffee shop, etc. I think the best part about it is that Chris's writing gives you a kick in the pants. If you have been sitting on the fence about a new business idea he really tries to encourage you to give it a go. As long as you are not risking life and limb what's to lose?  Worth a read but really aimed at self starters. If you need handholding you'd be better off using the $20.00 for half an hour with a life coach.

Oh yes, have also moved on to Part II of my Portuguese lessons.  Building vocabulary but it would be so nice to have someone to practice with. The only local Portuguese I knew, a fellow named Mano, returned to Portugal for the winter. So I'll just have to carry on as best I can.  Até à próxima vez.


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