Monday, 12 November 2012

One Step Forward...

Amazing weather, 17C (66F) on November 12th. No idea what the normal temperature should be, but I should think something around 5C (42).  The sun broke out here and there but it was mostly grey, windy and very warm.

We mowed great swathes through the hayfields for the dogs this summer and we are still enjoying them. Today the dogs and I were out for two long walks, through the hayfield and into the woods. Glorious.

Walking around the fields and farmyard things are now tidy but a little forlorn.  All the garden tools have been cleaned and oiled and put away, the tree fort is empty-looking, even the old summer chairs at the end of the lawn look sort of sad. 
After lunch, Fettucini alfredo with grilled shimp and salad, I spent several hours working on my draft pages, going through my SEO list to check that I have actually input the right tags, links and keywords.  After an hour or so a strange thing happened, I lost the ability to edit the posts, except in html. Everything I typed into the Visual screen came out white.  White on white, impossible to read! 

After a frustrated search through the forums I went to my host site and discovered there was an error in my Wordpress installation and the host wanted to 'roll it back'.  I backed up the database and rolled it back. Now waiting to hear that's been done. Sigh!

Still having learning curve issues. Want comments on some pages but not on others. So far when I choose No Comments the text "Comments Closed" appears on that page.  I don't want any text at all.  Back into the forum tomorrow. I've had enough for today.

Ended the afternoon with a trip to visit the goats which is always uplifting.  They were intrigued by the camera and I got lovely silly shots of their mugs close-up.  Lovely.

Wound down with a bit of blog surfing, mostly expat blogs about Brits living in Portugal. Checked the temperature in the Algarve.  High tomorrow should be 19C(70F) and sunny.  Raging jealousy!


  1. What a great time to be alive. I too like blog surfing for what I don't have here - for me it's about people living in cold or wet places, or in Australia, and preferably on a farm!
    In absence of a blog, Google street view will do!
    Thanks for posting the pics of your back yard with its green grass – our fields look very scrubby after they were sun-roasted all summer (ie July to early October was almost cloudless and no rain at all).
    What breed are your goats? They are clad for cool weather, whereas here ours have almost no hair.
    Keep on blogging . . .

  2. Nice to hear from you Clive. I am jealous of your well, mine is 100 years old, hand dug, stone lined, and too shallow. Goats are angora goats, they give us 10 pounds of mohair per year. Lots of knitting around here. I keep chickens and we grow herbs, cereal grains, corn, veggies and hay. I am a beekeeper. This was a great summer for bees, we got about 100 lbs of honey per hive. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas? I look forward to reading more about your adventures in Portugal.